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Written by Kameron Hawkins   

M. Kameron HawkinsMr. M. Kameron Hawkins founded the Paradise Valley Chamber of Commerce to develop a much smaller professional business Community Chamber of Commerce in our Paradise Valley community.

Being a business owner himself and understanding the value of building long lasting one-on-one business and personal relationships with our professionals on ones community enhances everyone.

When his family moved to Tempe, AZ from CA in 1970 he started building lifelong relationships with others that lived in his community and around Arizona. He cut the grass, panted the fences and helped out anyone in need on a personal level, that started his mind for business at a young age.

One day a young man how needed help with his Newspaper Route asked Mr. Hawkins (Kameron), to give him a hand before going to school. Please keep in mind Kameron was 7 years old at the time. And that was the missing key he said to having the opportunity for making lifetime business and personal relationships. “The Newspaper Route would let me meet everyone and wow the people I would soon be meeting provided me with great insight on so many levels, both business and personal.” M. Kameron Hawkins.

He soon became a full-time Newspaper Boy for the Arizona Republic in his new hometown Tempe, AZ and soon was meeting people that the world may not have known, but was touched by them in one way or another.

So you can say his training started young with Networking people together and his business mind was being developed.

In the 1980's started off with him being in the Class of 81 at Tempe High School. In 1983 Kameron joined the US Navy and served his country and then retired early after 13 yrs of service as a BM1/E6 with an Honorable Discharge.

In the 1990's he was in his 30's and stopped working for money and begun his adventures in business and relationship development with the University of Business Ambassadors – Networking Associations & local Business Newspapers, Today’s Chamber – Chambers of Commerce, and Search Local Buy Local - community newspapers, and other media companies he founded & chaired.

The photo of Mr. Hawkins was from his trip to Alaska in 2013 and to be used to support his cigar line Aranyi Cigars - ( he founded in 2012 as the first member only cigar company where the cigars are provided and hand rolled for their members only. You can not buy these cigars in a the retail marketplace, they are only for Aranyi Cigars Members.

His latest business is the International Outdoors Chamber of Commerce - ( with it worldwide headquarters in Boulder City, NV. This chamber of commerce was founded in 2015 and Mr. Hawkins enjoys running golfing, shooting, fishing and cigar social events as a volunteer working a few hours a day when he can.

Mr Hawkins is retired from the US Navy and a Disabled Veteran and is a Volunteer for all of the businesses he is the founder & chairman. He is a cancer survivor since 2012 and has survived five strokes in 2014. Mr. Hawkins turned 52 yrs old in 2015 and have found many ways to overcome the personal battles and business leadership & development challenges by the love and strength of his great friends and family. Not to leave out his personal level tenacity.


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